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softshake speaker 2015Thema auf der softshake: Herding Cats – A Choose Your Own Technology Approach to Modular Web Applications

Das spannende Thema des aixigo Open Source-Projekts LaxarJS wurde im Rahmen des Call for Paper der softshake-Konferenz in Genf ausgewählt! Unsere Kollegen werden am 23. Oktober 2015 folgenden Vortrag halten:

Using MVC technologies such as AngularJS and React, it is easy to create web applications quickly. These technologies or the upcoming web components even allow for encapsulation and reuse of UI controls. But how to isolate and reuse actual business value? Eventually, this is what matters to your users and customers. How to recombine the building blocks time after time, while maintaining a solid overall experience? With LaxarJS, we apply proven concepts from the server world to the web frontend: reactive systems that use publish/subscribe for communication allow for decoupling of components and isolating local state. We’d like to introduce you to LaxarJS as a „Middleware for your Web Client“, helping you to integrate components independent of implementation technologies or frameworks that they might use.

Wir freuen uns sehr für das LaxarJS-Team und wünschen denen gutes Gelingen!

Mehr Informationen zur Konferenz.

Verginia Petrova

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